Google and YouTube want a safe and exciting web where young people can be creative, express themselves and belong. We are organising workshops that walk through some vital tips and skills that can help you do this in a safe and positive way. Workshops will take place across the UK and are hosted by Fusion and Efe, along with Nadir who is our special guest YouTuber and founder of BENI. We are working with youth workers to ensure as many young people as possible can attend. We hope you have fun!

What happens at the workshops

  • Get creative with our hosts and guest YouTuber
  • Stay resilient and confident online and make negativity bounce
  • Use video to find your voice and bring people together
  • Navigate social media, check facts and escape social bubbles
  • Discover how to use online tools responsibly

Meet Nadir, Founder of BENI

Watch the roadshow videos

Meet Nadir, Founder of BENI

"They said nasty things about my weight in my videos" || VLOGUMENTARY || Ep. 1 of 3

"I put two teens in a closet and this happened" || VLOGUMENTARY || Ep. 2 of 3

Coming Soon

Episode 3 of 3

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Nadir Nahdi

Nadir is the founder of BENI, a digital platform capturing young people from diverse backgrounds to produce meaningful content and celebrate the power of human connection. Highlighting common struggles and dreams, BENI finds edgy ways to combat misunderstanding, ignorance and misrepresentation.


Learn how to navigate the online world with the necessary tools and armour to persevere and instead use the Internet as a place to connect and wage beauty.

Meet the hosts

Our hosts have each mastered the art of using their voice and creativity to drive social change. Learn from creators like Nadir to discover the new techniques and best practices they’re using to make the online world a more enjoyable and inclusive place for everyone.

Efe Ezekiel
Efe Ezekiel

Efe has been a professional mentor for over 10 years and is dedicated to inspiring and transforming lives all over the world. Renowned for her delivery and production of some of the most unique, powerful and energetic bespoke workshops, she addresses all areas and issues within youth culture.

An outstanding way for young people to learn about issues, topics and politics that are affecting their daily lives via social media and the digital world

Alain 'Fusion' Clapham
Alain ‘Fusion’ Clapham

The self-professed ‘Creative Mischief Maker’ has presented for MTV, hosted shows at Wembley Arena, interviewed the likes of Jay Z and shared his story on the TEDx stage. An experienced educator and creative consultant, Fusion champions new models of creative collaboration for leading organisations.

Educate yourself about the risks you can be exposed to online and become an inspirational force for positive change and healing in the world

  • We hope to see you there!